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Terms and conditions


Registered users and guest can shop in our store, you can create an account by clicking the option to sign up on the left of the menu.
After completing the registration a confirmation of registration,will be sent to your email account.


Choose the product and just add it to your cart. At the end you choose the form of payment, after entering all the necessary data. There will be sent a confirmation of order by e-mail, it will include the information how to make a payment. If at the end of the booking we do not receive payment for your order, it will be cancelled after two days and will return to the Gallery.

The commodity
Clothing and accessories sold in the Vintage Attack are used things that are in a good or very good condition. Each of the photographic documentation of products are detailed descriptions that reflects its appearance, properties, condition, size and price. All clothes sold by us are properly cleaned,and if necessary, we do repairs, alterations and renovations.
Prices are given in PLN, Euro and Pounds, depending on the selected language, is a gross price (VAT included).
Items marked “Sold” are no longer available for purchase.

Complaints and Returns
Goods purchased by the customers may, because of their specificity, be returned if there is a compelling reason for doing so (it has flaws that were not included in the description of product, there have been given the wrong dimensions and the description doesn’t match the actual condition.) Up to 7 days after receiving the product. In the case of a reasonable return we ask for contact with the shop with each item separately. We will not refund products sent to us which we did not previously accepted for refund. We do not accept packages sent COD. Before the implementation of return, please contact us by e-mail or phone.
The amount paid for merchandise (excluding shipping price) will be returned to the customer via bank transfer. Please attach to the shipment data required to complete the bank transfer (account number, owner’s name, address). If the ordered goods are damaged mechanically during transport should be drawn complaint protocol in the presence of the deliverer. Only a form of this type of complaint will be considered!

Payment methods
1. Traditional transfer (made in a bank or post office). Money should be paid to the account:

Daniela Swoboda
Nr konta bankowego: 91 1140 2004 0000 3202 7354 1925
Iban PL91 1140 2004 0000 3202 7354 1925

In the order of the transfer please give the number given in the email. If the transfer relates to more orders, Please give all the numbers separated by a comma.

2. Online transfer: available for account holders mBank MultiBank Inteligo, BZ WBK, Nordea, iPKO, Pekao, BPH, ING (Bank Slaski), Lukas Bank. Online Transfers are implemented through site Transferuj.pl (only for Polish users)
3. Payments via Pay Pal

4. Payment when pick up in store

All shipments are sent through the Polish Post.

Shipping prices are different on Polish territory from other European countries and depend on the prices fixed by the Polish Post.

You can pick up your order personally in our store and its for free

Berlin, Bernauer Straße, Mauerpark, Fluhmark, evry Sunday from 10-16:00 Szczecin, al. Piastów 58/7 Vintage Attack Company is not responsible for mechanical damage occurring during carriage. Before accepting delivery, check if the package is not damaged in transport. Where there is suspicion of damage to the product, the protocol of damage must be made in the presence of courier to contact the seller to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Checking the package on delivery is a necessary condition to take account of any customer claims for damage or robbery in transportation.

Shipping Costs
Shipping prices are different on Polish territory from other European countries and depend on the prices fixed by the Polish Post.
All shipments are sent as a priority package
Shipping costs depend on the weight of the shipment.
On Polish territory:
0-1 kg – 11zł
1-2 kg – 13zł
3-5 kg – 14,50 zł

On Germany territory:

0-1 kg – 12 zł

1-2 kg – 25 zł

2-10 kg – 28 zł

Shipment for orders above 200 zł is for free, only on Polish territory.
Shipping costs to Europe send by Deutsche Post
0-2kg – 40 zł

2-5kg – 70 zł

5-10kg – 90 zł

Prices for items listed here are in PLN, due to the changes of exchange rates. While shopping they will appear in the currency selected by the customer

Promotions and Mailings
Customers of Vintage Attack can receive information and advertising materials in the form of e-mails. For registered customers there will be periodically organized promotions and special offers for them.

All the personal information we are receiving will not be provided to third parties. Each customer can gain access to his data for their verification or removal.